Military Fit Sqauad uses a variety of training techniques to help achieve your goals. This approach will give you the ultimate package of cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility, fat loss, lean muscle gain plus general health and well being.


All anaerobic training will be short in distance however, at high intensity in order to increase your heart rate and burn those unwanted fat stores. Some aerobic training is conducted which is at a more moderate intensity but also burns fat as it's conducted for a longer period. Don't worry if you're not the best runner, MFS will tailor the training to suit your level of cardiovascluar fitness.


A vast array of training equipment is used for resistance training and the weight and/or rep range is scaled to suit your level of strength and endurance. Heavy items such as strength bags, dumbells and tyres are used to target the strength range, while equipment such as slam balls, ropes, torsion bars and bodyweight exercises will hit your endurance range.  


This area is targeted regularly to strengthen your entire mid section, this will allow you to perform your other exercises with the correct technique. It also assists in alleveiating injures and pain especially in the lower back. You won't be made to do hundreds of sit ups however, instead given a wide range of exercises with and without equipment to effectively strengthen your abdominals and core. 


A high intensity session with various boxing techniques and combinations. You won't just be holding the pads for half of this session, a variety of other exercises are included to keep your heart rate up and to ensure everyone is working hard. If you've never done boxing before that's fine, you'll be taught some basic technique before you start taking out some aggression on the pads.